Research, strategy, timing, execution and results!


We assisted 2 Congressmen and a Senator to get re-elected in Black Hawk County, Iowa!  Our Senator’s campaign was so successful and he was so grateful for our services, he gave us a bonus.


We specialize in:

Media Buying / Planning / Placement for cable tv and network! We recommend other options as well for reaching the younger demographics!

TV Commercial / Digital Video Production- We’ll create impacting and social sharing bumper videos and tv commercials in 4k!

Digital- Our platform is utilized by Home Depot, GM, WalMart and other companies.  We advertise YOUR message across 76 of the 80 exchanges, NOT only on Google or a local tv station’s website!

Strategy implementation, social media (Facebook & Twitter), fundraising assistance, website development or enhancement, content writing, research and more!


We encourage out of the box thinking to spur 2 things- get people REGISTERED to VOTE and then VOTE for YOU!

“Focusing on the most important thing during my campaign, which was my constituents, was never easier as I was allowed to do that with confidence as I knew that all of my marketing needs were being met by Angela and James.

Their understanding, professionalism and experience in tv advertising, the digital space as well as other marketing mediums, elevated my message, which resulted in my re-election. Whether it was an idea or an issue at 7am or 10pm, they were always available for me, even on the weekends.

I reciprocate the pride in sharing this endorsement as they equally shared with my campaign for my beloved community.”

Thank you,

Bob Kressig
Representative Iowa House District 59

“Angela gave me peace of mind to focus on the rigors of the campaign knowing she had my back for all things media. She knows her stuff and works hard towards the goal of maximum media saturation for the dollar. I would hire her again in a heartbeat!”

“James knows his business and he’s in the business of getting your message seen and heard. I’ve seen his work first hand and would hire him again in a heartbeat! He exceeded every goal we set in every way.”

Jeff Danielson
Iowa State Senator serving Iowa Senate District 30

Vote Yes Agency is here to assist you in all aspects of your political campaign.  Please fill out the Candidate Inquiry Form and provide specific details that would be relevant to us assisting you.


  1. We receive your inquiry and perform our initial due diligence.
  2. We contact you within 1 business day to set up a phone consultation.
  3. We have a phone consultation to establish a road map for your campaign.
  4. We develop a strategy and budget based upon your needs and submit to you within 3 business days.

Thank you for your interest in Vote Yes Agency!

Get started now– tomorrow may be too late and we’ll be working with your competitor.


Senator Jeff Danielson contacted us and requested a website revamp.  After 2 concepts created, he picked the one that our focus group picked and BAMMM, got the website and additions requested.  Get in touch with us for your website needs as well any of the other services we provide.


Iowa House Representative, Mr. Bob Kressig, contacted Angela and requested that his website reflect his vision for his community in Iowa.  We responded “We hope we can make you proud!” and 8 days later, Mr. Kressig was smiling from ear to ear.  We put as much love into his website as he has put into his beloved district that he so proudly represents.

Angela Schultz

Managing Director | Head of Media Planning/Buying

Angela has been planning media buys across cable and network tv for local, regional and State campaigns for over 16 years.  Most agencies are LAZY and throw a budget at the NCC and count their commission.  Angela does the research on who YOU need to reach.  Drilling down into the data to uncover the demographics of each and every program is her bread and butter.  When you need to bolster up your base with one ad, she’s going to put that ad right in front of them.  When you need to sway swing voters with another ad, she’ll reach them too!

Her strategic approach to her media buys can take hours upon hours, but in the end, it’s the right thing to do and you can entrust her that she carries your message with great pride.

She has been a part of testing varied production ads across focus groups and can be invaluable in getting the RIGHT message for your voters.  Her passion for being successful can only be measured by the results and the results speak for themselves.  Angela has been an intricate part of the success in many local, regional and State campaigns.



Managing Director | Head of Strategy

Dynamic, results-oriented online business professional with experience in SEO, SEM, Domain Names, Social Media, Marketing, Media Buying, Digital Strategy and Web Development. Expertise in all aspects of product design and development, positioning sales channels and distribution, advertising and public relations, online & financial analysis. Excelled at building sustainable businesses in international markets to include Australia and the USA. A history of building the second largest domain name portfolio company in Australia and was recognized Nationally as the virtual property expert of Australia and featured on the Sky business channel.

Understanding the pulse of trends and how to capitalize on them via cross branding a message online through domain names and social media is James’ specialty.  Creating bumper ads that are the hottest thing in social video should be done weekly, if not daily in his opinion.  Over 90% of people tune out any political ad once they’ve seen it 2 or 3 times, which is the OPPOSITE effect of that of traditional tv ads.  Bumper ads and online video campaigns will keep voters engaged with new messages and things that they can get involved in and SHARE.

James creates story boards that will provoke thought, inspire and get people EXCITED to TAKE ACTION!

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